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The low-melt characteristics of VICTREX AM 200 increase its printability, allowing it to be processed more easily than standard PEEK and PEKK materials. The material has an optimized recrystallization profile which prevents internal stresses and warping. This also allows more time for bonding between layers and a stronger tensile strength in the Z axis.

VICTREX AM 200 FDM material is part of the Stratasys Validated Material portfolio, and combines the benefits of a high-performance polymer with the design freedom of FDM additive technology. 3D printing applications that require high chemical resistance, exposure to temperature extremes, resistance to wear, recyclability and superior mechanical strength will benefit from VICTREX AM 200.

Performance Properties

Tensile Yield Strength (XZ Orientation): 63.7 MPa (9250 psi)

Flexural Modulus (XZ Orientation): 2.25 GPa (327 ksi)





Fortus 450mc


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