Somos 9120: For semi-flexible parts that have strong memory retention.

Somos BioClear: Producing clear, accurate guides and models.

Somos DMX SL-100: Breaking the boundaries in speed, efficiency, and design freedom.

Somos Element: Designed for investment casting.

Somos EvoLVe 128: Very tough and durable resin with a great surface finish.

Somos GP Plus 14122: For functional prototyping.

Somos Momentum:  Specially designed for footwear tooling.

Somos NeXt: Appearance, feeling, and performance of a thermoplastic.

Somos PerFORM: Ceramic with very high heat and stiffness.

Somos PerFORM Reflect: Very high heat and stiffness, ceramic designed for PIV.

Somos ProtoGen 18420: For precise, easy processing parts.

Somos ProtoTherm 12120: Heat resistant up to 121°C.

Somos Taurus: Robust resin with excellent surface quality and isotropy.

Somos WaterClear Ultra 10122: Versatile material with exceptional clarity.

Somos WaterShed AF: For accurate, complex investment casting patterns with excellent surface finish.

Somos WaterShed Black: No need for painting. Doubles speed than alternatives.

Somos WaterShed XC 11122: Versatile, very easy to use, good polymer.