Engineering Calculations

Engineering Calculations

Engineering calculations are used in a variety of engineering disciplines to facilitate product development and reduce mistakes. While spreadsheets might be useful for financial calculations, they have their limitations when it comes to advanced engineering mathematics. Spreadsheet-based calculations can result in hours spent on idle tasks, poor communication among team members, and critical errors that can be neither traced nor audited. Chances are you have moved beyond the engineering notebook to spreadsheets or maybe even mathematical modeling software. But these solutions weren’t designed with engineering in mind and have serious deficiencies you may not realize—like lack of design validation, unit checking and CAD interoperability capabilities. Today there is a third and superior solution for professional engineering calculations.

Engineering calculations are oriented around a worksheet, in which equations and expressions are displayed graphically (WYSIWYG), as opposed to plain text. Although this technology is mostly oriented to non-programming users, it is also used in more complex projects to visualize the results of mathematical modeling using distributed computing and traditional programming languages. It is often used in large engineering projects where traceability and standards compliance are of great importance.


  • Perform, Document & Share Calculations
  • Solve differential equations, with several possible numerical methods
  • Graphing functions in two or three dimensions
  • Statistical functions and probability distributions
  • Reuse of Calculation
  • ContentLive, interactive calculation engine
  • Natural Math Notation
  • Documentation


Calculations are the most vital part of your engineering information. The whole team must be able to find, reuse, and share this important intellectual property. However, the time required to go through spreadsheets, codes and notebooks to find the needed information has been massive; and then, even more time was necessary to get someone to explain that information –assuming that employee is still with the company-.

PTC Mathcad has all your engineering notebook’s ease-of-use and familiarity – combined with live mathematical notation, units intelligence, and powerful calculation capabilities. This engineering math software allows you to present your calculations with plots, graphs, text, and images in a single document. Nobody needs specialized skills to understand PTC Mathcad data, and now that your intellectual property has been preserved, you can leverage it for other projects.

PTC Mathcad is the first solution to integrate readable, live calculations with plots, graphs, text, and images into a single, interactive, professionally presented document that can be saved or easily converted to several formats. Its live mathematical notation, unit conversion, and powerful calculation capabilities, presented within the familiarity of an engineering notebook, allow engineers and design teams to more easily communicate critical design and engineering knowledge while they enable knowledge capture, reuse and design verification for improved product quality. As a result of using dedicated engineering math software like PTC Mathcad, teams avoid the majority of errors found with spreadsheets.

With MATHCAD you can now:

  • Securely communicate design intent and engineering knowledge
  • Intuitively construct calculations using standard math notation
  • Create professional-quality documents with live math, plots, text, and images
  • Repurpose standardized calculations
  • Increase productivity with full units support throughout calculations
  • Accelerate training and adoption with instant access to e-learning

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