Dynamic Publishing

Dynamic Publishing

Dynamic publishing is an easy way to create and share information. It is a method of designing publications in which layout templates are created which can contain different content in different publications. This method provides designers with the ability to work on different templates and pieces of content that can be reusable in a variety of publications. In cases where the same content is being used in multiple layouts, the same layout is being used for several different sets of content, or both, dynamic page publishing can offer significant advantages of efficiency over a traditional system of page-by-page design.

Dynamic publishing also allows you to automate the page formatting process, so you can automatically produce print, Web, and electronic content from a single source of information. This process makes a dynamic CCMS, a highly effective tool for organizations needing to reproduce identical content across multiple publications. It also makes your static publications interactive for improved user experience.

This technology is often leveraged in web-to-print solutions for corporate intranets to enable customization and ordering of printed materials, advertising automation workflows inside of advertising agencies, catalog generation solutions for retailers and variable digital print on demand solutions for highly personalized one to one marketing.

Μodern customers demand fast and easy access to the specific information they need without having to wade through page after page of irrelevant material. What was once limited to a picture or graph can now be illustrated more effectively through video or audio. With dynamic publishing, you can tailor your content as needed to effectively engage all types of customers and the devices they use to access it, whether it’s a tablet, smartphone or computer.

Today’s technologically savvy customers also want content that includes visual enhancements such as graphics and videos to assist them in the learning process, as well as a variety of multimedia assets and interactive technologies for a more personalized user experience.


In today’s global marketplace—where businesses are operating across borders and time zones—your customers demand that accurate, relevant product information be delivered in real-time. Arbortext provides the capability to define, author, illustrate, manage and deliver dynamic product information—in the user’s preferred language and format—on demand.

Through PTC Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) software solutions that can be deployed either collectively or in parallel, Arbortext helps you overcome the challenges of your traditional, outdated product documentation practices.

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