Trade in your Stratasys® Eden or Connex and get 40% OFF in J8 Series | 4th Dimension Technologies

Upgrade to a Stratasys J850, J835 or J826 3D Printer and GET 40% off plus a FREE “Make it Real” Training Package!

Trade in your Stratasys® Eden or Connex.

Upgrade to the new standard of design and ultra-realistic simulation. Trade-in your Eden™ or Connex™for a new Statasys® J850™, J835™ or J826 system and get a 40% discount. Also, receive a FREE Make it Realexclusive Training Package (includes J8-Series Color Learning Path Self-paced learning and one seat for two Stratasys Academy classroom trainings).3

New materials and additional capacity

  • Produce concept models fast with DraftGrey™ and
  • VeroUltraClear™ for high clarity with outstanding transparency. Light transmittance of 86% in comparison to glass – similar to polycarbonate (PC).
  • Print 7 materials simultaneously – enabling printing of full color, flexible, and transparent parts at the same

Materials cost reduction

  • Reduce your material cost by as much as 52% compared to the rest of the Stratasys portfolio with the new, more efficient 4kg

Faster workflow

  • Print up to four times faster than an Eden/Connex.

Even more user friendly

  • Features an easy-to-use touch screen—no keyboard or mouse is required (Windows 10 compatible).

Print Quality

  • Great resolution (down to 14 μm layers sing four print modes: endless combi nations of color, transparency, flexibility and mimic textures such as leather, wood etc.

MAKE it REAL Training Package

  • J8-Series – Self-paced Color Learning Path
  • One seat for two classroom trainings: Color for Stratasys J-series (2 Days) and Color Texturing Expert (3 Days)

  * Not to be combined with any other offer. No substitutions. No additional discounts allowed on this promotion. PO must be received on or before December 31, 2020. Trade-in printers MUST be returned to Stratasys. No “stacking” of discounts on trade-ins    

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