CAD software are key elements for companies’ Product Lifecycle Management to shorten time to market, get better product quality, and lower cost. Without them, product development would be a lot harder and processes longer. 3D scanning gives you the opportunity to generate an accurate CAD model files of physical objects in a quick and easy way. Portable 3D scanners are now a must-have since it prevents engineers to have to go old school to obtain competitors or even their own products’ CAD files. They can start from that scanned file and use different software to develop and test new products.

To go from 3D scans to CAD, designers can choose between three workflows: CAD software, Complete Reverse Engineering (RE) Software, and Scan to CAD Software. Each of which offers both pros and cons as listed hereunder. The best option will depend on the designer’s specific needs, frequency of use, and allocated budget.

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