Augmented Reality and Device Connectivity Make ThingWorx a “Strong Choice for Companies”

The PTC ThingWorx® IIoT platform has a wide range of capabilities that give industrial companies rich functionality and versatility while also providing the security and scalability they need to deploy IIoT solutions across their organizations.

In the Forrester Wave survey, 14 platform vendors in the IIoT space are evaluated in the categories below.

  1. current product portfolio, including connectivity, deployment, and security;
  2. vendor strategies, such as partner ecosystem and commercial model;
  3. and market penetration, as measured by the number of customers and connected devices.

“With a vendor-agnostic approach, industrial hardware, and several years of industrial domain practice, ThingWorx is a good alternative for businesses with a complex mix of equipment,” the study says, praising PTC’s extensive capabilities. PTC’s strategic partnership with Rockwell Automation, according to Forrester, allows PTC to build joint IT/OT technologies and extends PTC’s business footprint to new markets and geographies.

PTC’s IIoT portfolio is led by ThingWorx, which embodies the company’s commitment to creativity. ThingWorx is a fast software creation platform that provides mobile networking, artificial learning, virtual reality, and collaboration with leading device clouds. These capabilities work together to create a robust IoT technology stack that helps customers to safely link properties, easily create apps and interactions, and come up with new ways to capture value.

Joe Biron, GM of ThingWorx and PTC’s CTO of IoT, said, “We’re thrilled to be called a pioneer in Forrester’s IIoT tech platform assessment.” “The convergence of IoT and virtual reality provides us with a strategic edge, placing PTC as a leading provider that manufacturers can consider for their digital transformation initiatives.”


PTC allows businesses to distinguish their goods and services, boost organizational quality, and maximize employee efficiency by delivering award-winning, market-proven solutions. Manufacturers will leverage the potential of today’s emerging technologies to accelerate digital innovation through PTC and its partner ecosystem.


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