If product designers have one common characteristic, it’s a desire to challenge the limits of realism. Beginning with prototype design, their aim is to produce models that are as similar to the final product as possible in appearance, feel, and behavior. True-to-life designs allow teams to make more educated choices. That is why so many people are harnessing the technology of 3D printing.

However, product realism entails far more than quick and precise 3D printers. Its base is made up of materials that allow for full-color, multi-textural versions. And our latest VeroUltraClearTM product is a prime example. The content allows for the development of high-clarity, finely structured models with the appearance of glass. This is important for designers to imagine internal model functionality and build concepts to validate the design of clear components.

Introduced in October for Stratasys J850 users, VeroUltraClear is now available for Stratasys J735 and J750 customers as well.

VeroUltraClear, which was developed especially for prototyping purposes, can mimic acrylic, producing 86 percent of the material’s light transmission – suitable for prototypes of glass, translucent polymers, or transparent packaging. This is 11% finer than the original VeroClear content and almost as translucent as glass at 90% light transmission. Designers can appreciate the transparent PolyJet digital material’s exceptional transparency, as well as its power, stiffness, and impact resistance.

Hey, designers! Time to see things even more clearly! | 4th Dimension Technologies

*VeroUltraClear vs. the top 3 competitors on the market. This chart shows Stratasys’ superior optical properties on a 6mm (polished) sample cubes after varying lengths of photobleaching. Data was achieved on a X-Rite Analyzer which measures green to red(a) tint, blue to yellow(b) tint, lightness on a scale of 0 to 100(L) and transmittance percentage. Photobleaching cells were equipped with a LED 100W 6500 K lamp.

The J-series 3D Printers help to assist businesses all over the world in streamlining design procedures, increasing creativity, and bringing products to market quicker. The addition of VeroUltraClear expands the J-series ‘s capabilities, allowing users to plan, model, and build faster and more reliably than ever before – whether it’s eyewear designs, lighting elements, or glass replicas.

Ready to inject new levels of 3D printed realism into your design and modeling process? Time to see things more clearly.

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