Sergey Kuznetsov is a sound engineer who has worked as a VJ hosting concerts for the last 20 years. But needing a change of pace, Sergey recently began continued education courses to build out his engineering skillset to be inclusive of 3D printing. His interest in 3D printing was sparked by the open nature and connectedness of the internet CAD design community, which brought about his interest in 3D modeling.  After finding his new design passion, he was even able to get his wife involved, making 3D printing a family affair.

As he began to engage more with online communities around his love of 3D modeling and fascination with 3D printing, Sergey entered the Extreme Redesign Challenge in the Art, Jewelry & Architecture division, presenting his intricately designed Khachkar, also known as an Armenian Cross Stone. He was first introduced to the ancient, symbolic piece by a peer, and he was instantly struck by the beautiful meaning and deep history represented in the design.

As a [finalists/winner]of the challenge, Sergey is most excited to see his full form printed and brought to life by Stratasys printers. He envisions continuing his studies and design work in 3D printing, as it truly captures the essence of a true artist, and their ability to bring life to their ideas and reality to their form designs.

To learn more about Sergey’s  project, click here.

To learn more about the Extreme Redesign Challenge, click here.

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