In recent years, 3D printing has facilitated important breakthroughs in the healthcare field. This has been particularly welcome in the medical device space, where customization needs are growing, and affordability using traditional manufacturing methods can be out of reach. Stratasys Direct Manufacturing supports consumer facing businesses that have the potential to really help people live healthier, and in some cases, pain free lives.

As mentioned in a previous post, Podfo was created by a partnership of dedicated individuals determined to develop something great for patients. Over the course of the project, we’ve developed an incredible working relationship with Podfo and seen their remarkable vision manifest into a high-quality, reliable orthotic product for consumers.From our perspective, the largest opportunity for medical device creators is to understand the benefits of 3D printing holistically. Implementing this technology for medical device/orthotic manufacturing can be transformative for each company’s value chain. 3D printing’s

Creating Podfo and Changing Lives with 3D Printing | 4th Dimension Technologies
(Pictured from left to right): Steve Cook – Business Development Director at Podfo, and Chris Peacock – Owner of Peacocks Medical Group

advantages, like on-demand production, mass customization and design freedom, can majorly impact their business. It is important to not simply change the production method, but to assess the entire approach in order to realize the full potential of 3D printing and its positive impact on business.

While there are always challenges with any project, they can easily be overcome when you have a partner working with you to ensure the best result possible. 3D printing for the healthcare industry requires a focused approach. In order to continue advancing 3D printing applications now and in the future, significant development and knowledge-sharing must occur between the 3D printing and healthcare industries.  As new applications are developed and production methods are qualified, we’ll continue to see these trends progress.

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