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Powered by SAF™ technology, Stratasys has designed the new H350 printer to give manufacturers production consistency, a competitive and predictable cost per part, and complete production control for volumes of thousands of parts.

The H350 printer even includes a dozen different parts 3D-printed with SAF technology.

Accurate, production-grade parts with best-in-class consistency.

The industrial-grade additive manufacturing technology executes key 3D printing steps in the same direction across the print bed to provide a uniform thermal experience – and therefore part consistency – for all printed parts regardless of their placement in the build. SAF can also contribute to lower operational costs and increase their predictability. For example, the Big Wave™ powder management system reduces powder aging, while the warranty-protected industrial piezo-electric print heads have been designed to require no regular replacement.

For demanding industries.

Stratasys has designed the H350 to meet the needs of customers in industries such as commercial goods, automotive, and consumer goods and electronics that benefit from the ability to quickly produce large volumes of 3D-printed parts with compelling and predictable economics. Service bureaus and contract manufacturers also benefit from the industrial-grade performance of the system. Applications include end-use parts such as covers, connectors, hinges, cable holders, electronics housing, and ducting.

Produce engineering-grade parts.

The H350 provides several control features designed to ensure the system is production-ready for companies ready to embrace additive manufacturing at scale. All build data is logged for process traceability and remains fully under the customer’s control. Materials can be controlled, tracked and traced, and print settings can be fine-tuned for each customer’s needs.

System Size and Weight

Printer 1900 x 940 x 1730 mm (74.8 x 37.0 x 68.1 in), 825 kg (1819 lb)
Printer crate 2156 x 1196 x 2100 mm (84.9 x 47.1 x 82.7 in), 950 kg (2094 lb)

Build Size

315 x 208 x 293 mm (12.40 x 8.18 x 11.53 in)


Powder Stratasys High Yield PA11
Fluid Stratasys High Absorption Fluid HAF TM

Layer Thickness

100 μ (0.004 in)

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