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Smart Digital Solutions

More flexible production, greater productivity, and the development of new business models are all possible today thanks to smart digital solutions. But the future of industry offers even more potential: Cutting-edge technologies will create new opportunities for both discrete and process industries to fulfill their customers’ individual requirements.

To help customers leverage the potentials of Industry 4.0, here at 4th Dimension Technologies, we offer a portfolio of solutions that comprises the core elements of our smart digital solutions. With the scalable solutions, companies in the discrete and process industries can invest in Industry 4.0 to become completely and comprehensively digitalized across the entire value chain.

Integrated cutting-edge technologies within our smart, digital portfolio enable smart usage of data. This paves the way for the next level of the digital transformation; the convergence of information technology and operational technology. We are driving the digital transformation by integrating hardware, software, and cutting-edge technologies.

Distribution of Digital Manufacturing Solutions

4th Dimension Technologies aims to provide its customers with a comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software products which enables the comprehensive integration of data from development, production and suppliers. In close cooperation with our partners within our ecosystem, covering multiple industries, 4th Dimension Technologies provides a large and unique portfolio of PLM software tools and industrial automation and drives technology tailored to meet individual customer requirements in various industrial areas.

The key to continuous performance and productivity improvement for advanced industrial companies is the use of disruptive technology in the manufacturing value chain. We are partnered with global leaders to ensure our customers achieve the highest levels of their digital manufacturing goals.

3D Digital Services

Deliver positive business change with 4th Dimension Technologies end-to-end 3D Digital Services. Streamline and revolutionize traditional processes through the integration of solutions for manufacturing, design, engineering, inspection and more. We provide project leadership, technical support and training for our customers by helping them identify and implement modeling and simulation technology in support of digital manufacturing.


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